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Sharing knowledge

Dirkzwager actively shares knowledge with everyone who needs legal information in order to improve the level of our service provision and expand our network. Sharing knowledge is a strength which constitutes the basis for everything we do. It gives our clients insight and makes advice and cooperation more targeted.

Society is becoming more complex in legal terms. Legislative and regulatory amendments follow each other at a rapid pace with the result that up-to-date and relevant legal and tax knowledge is becoming more important. Dirkzwager actively shares knowledge with everyone who requires legal information. Why? In order to improve our services and to extend our network. Sharing knowledge is power. It provides a client with understanding and makes collaboration and the provision of advice more targeted. Sharing knowledge constitutes the basis of all that we do.

Dirkzwager Academy

Dirkzwager invests in knowledge. From our staff to our partners, we support each other's self-development throughout our career. In this way we secure the future of our firm and the loyalty of ambitious lawyers and tax experts. Our clients obtain the best trained consultants around the table in this way.


In addition, we actively share our knowledge with the aid of events. Our specialists give workshops and courses to our business associates in the form of physical seminars and webinars. More than 100 seminars and webinars are organised every year, regularly together with external parties and clients and bespoke, if required. In this respect one might consider current issues, such as privacy, cybercrime, procurement or compliance.

The Dirkzwager.nl platform

All of our knowledge is pooled together on our platform at Dirkzwager.nl. There you will find our most recent articles, publications, e-books, videos, podcasts and so forth. In this way we provide our business associates with up-to-date knowledge, we are aware of what is at issue in the market, and we can anticipate legal and tax challenges for our clients. View and filter our knowledge.


Samenspraak, the magazine for our business associates is published three times a year. In addition to legal matters and current affairs, this magazine also presents the faces behind Dirkzwager. As such, it devotes attention to who we are and also to what we do. Samenspraak is sent to Dirkzwager's business associates through controlled circulation.