De ontwikkelingen rond het coronavirus, COVID-19, gaan razendsnel. In ons kennisportal over het coronavirus vindt u onze juridische artikelen en andere relevante content. Bekijk het kennisportal

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Sharing knowledge

Dirkzwager actively shares knowledge with everyone who needs legal information in order to improve the level of our service provision and expand our network. Sharing knowledge is a strength which constitutes the basis for everything we do. It gives our clients insight and makes advice and cooperation more targeted.

We share our knowledge through a variety of channels, including a (dutch) legal knowledge portal: Partner in Kennis. Here the visitor can find up-to-date information and our most recent publications. The knowledge archive now includes 6,500 articles.

Dirkzwager developed an international legal platform plus the free Global Law app in cooperation with TELFA (the Trans European Law Firms Alliance) called cross-border knowledge sharing.

We also actively share our knowledge offline by providing workshops and courses for our clients and contacts which cover current topics such as privacy and cyber crime, procurement and compliance. We hold at least 100 events each year, often in conjunction with external parties and clients.

The library at our ‘Bordelaise’ building in Arnhem is open to the public. Clients, contacts and law students have access free of charge to our extensive legal collection, in hard copy and digitally (via the Dutch media library). This is also part of our knowledge sharing.