1. Energy


The generation of renewable energy, a fleet of electric vehicles, CO2 reduction, reuse of waste streams… More and more entrepreneurs focus on sustainability. Not merely for operational or production purposes, but, to an increasing extent, also as a partner in energy agreements to achieve the renewable energy targets as a region. Companies come up with promising innovations, and centres of expertise study the innovative environmental technologies. The developments in this sector happen in rapid succession and the need for support with the legal aspects is growing proportionately.

Besides the traditional energy companies, other organisations are today confronted more and more with energy issues. One situation is more complex than the other. In many cases, specific know-how is needed for the appropriate legal approach to your question. Dirkzwager offers that expertise. We have always had a strong focus on the energy industry. Within our office, a large group of lawyers has been active for various parties in this industry. All that knowledge is bundled in the Energy group, so that we can provide you with an even better service. We know which issues are at stake, know the specific legislation and are aware of the latest developments in the energy industry.

Within our group, lawyers and civil-law notaries work closely together in the following fields: energy law, environmental law, corporate law, administrative law, procurement law and other fields of law that are closely connected in this highly regulated market. Where one lawyer knows all there is to know about the Electricity, Gas and Heating Supply Act, the other can provide input in the field of network registrations, subsidy assessments or permits. Together, we encompass the entire spectrum of the energy world with which you have to contend. Thanks to the combination of specialised knowledge and industry knowledge, we can draw your attention to changes that may be of importance to you or your company in a timely manner.

Our attention areas include:

The team

The Energy group comprises a team of lawyers and civil-law notaries under the leadership of lawyer Maarten Kole who has been active in the energy industry for over 15 years. In 2011, Maarten completed the Energy Law curriculum at the Vrije Universiteit (VU Amsterdam). He has produced regular publications about the developments in the field of Energy Law and gives lectures throughout the Netherlands. Our team works for various parties in the energy industry; not only for network managers and energy suppliers but also for various municipalities, housing corporations, developers and consultancy firms.

Social contribution

By supporting regional initiatives in the field of energy, we also wish to make a contribution to society through our knowledge and experience. Dirkzwager is a knowledge partner of KiEMT and New Energy made in Arnhem. In addition, we are involved in Het Gelders Energieakkoord (the Gelders Energy Agreement) and De Energiebank (The Energy Bank). We also pay a great deal of attention within our own organisation to sustainability. Dirkzwager belongs to the best 30% sustainable organisations in the world. Consequently, in May 2016 EcoVadis awarded us with a ‘silver-rating’.

Across borders

For cross-border issues, Dirkzwager is a member of TELFA (Trans European Law Firms Alliance), a European partnership of law firms and notarial offices that provide each other with cross-border assistance. TELFA is affiliated with other international networks, such as the American USLAW network.

Do you wish to have further information about the Energy group?

Please contact Maarten Kole, on +31 (0)26 353 83 71 or e-mail We also provide a digital brochure on the Energy group. You can read or download it here.