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Sector Insurers

The Liability, Damage and Insurance Group operates on a national level and belongs to the top three of the Netherlands. We owe this position to the input provided by an expert group of specialised lawyers with a result-oriented approach.

The Damage Group mainly provides advice and litigates for insurance companies and businesses. Commissioned by liability insurers, we also provide services to their insured persons, in other words, to businesses, authorities and private persons.

We are active in the following areas, amongst others:

  • Liability law: business and professional liability, government liability, traffic- and product liability, medical liability and liability in the construction sector
  • Compensation law: estimation of the damages (with injury and death), business losses and damages suffered by self-employed persons
  • Insurance law: assessment of policy conditions and coverage-related questions

Other services

Is your business or (non-profit) organisation faced with a claim for which you are not insured, or for which the risk is too high? Or, would you like advice on the assessment of an insurance portfolio? In that case, we will gladly represent your interests. We also cooperate with legal audits in the context of mergers and acquisitions, and provide advice on issues related to insurance law, such as risk management.

Pragmatic approach

We link our expertise to a pragmatic approach, for the best results. This goes hand in hand with good reachability of our lawyers and swift feedback to the client. We act in close consultation with the client, provide an estimate of the probability of success beforehand, and draw up a cost-benefit analysis. Litigation does not always have to be the most suitable solution.

Limitless advice

When matters transcend our area of expertise, we rely on the expertise of other colleagues at Dirkzwager. A cross-border case? We can also be of service to you abroad. Dirkzwager is a member of TELFA, a European alliance of (medium-sized and) large, highly qualified offices. Thanks to our contact with the American network USLAW, we also have direct contact with colleagues in the US. In all cases, your Dirkzwager contact person will still be your fixed, reliable contact.

Our knowledge is your knowledge

We keep our specialised expertise up to par, through memberships with (international) associations, training and education, and by keeping up-to-date with the professional literature. In turn, we transfer our knowledge to third parties, via publications pertaining to our area of expertise, and via courses for clients. This way, you can share in our specialised knowledge and will be up-to-date with specific legal affairs, even without assistance from a lawyer.

Chambers Guide Europe 2019

Dirkzwager is proud to be ranked in the Chambers Guide Europe 2019 for Insurance. Clients note: "Extremely knowledgeable, thorough and methodical in their approach." Also: "Very easy to approach, even just for a simple question." Click here for full details.