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Our country is engaged in a huge energy transition. The entire energy supply must be 100% sustainable by 2050. Wind, solar and geothermal energy are among the solutions for achieving this. What all these sustainable energy systems share is a need for tailor-made legal solutions. To deliver customised solutions you need an experienced team of versatile legal specialists working together closely. That’s what Dirkzwager’s Energy department offers.

The Netherlands is switching to sustainable energy at an incredible rate. Municipalities, energy suppliers, grid managers, banks and (international) project developers are among those contributing to this in hundreds of projects, large and small. These are projects constructing wind and solar farms, on roofs, land and water. There are also heat networks and heat and cold storage as an alternative to gas, and the charging station network rolling out to deliver sufficient electricity en route to a growing fleet of electric vehicles. The vehicle batteries can be used in turn as temporary electricity storage.

A range of issues

Projects like these invoke a variety of legal and tax issues that are closely interrelated in a highly regulated market. Take a wind farm. Which is the most suitable legal form? What corporate rights should be established for it? What permits do you need? How do you arrange the financing optimally? What type of contract should you choose for the sale of the energy, and what agreements should you sign with the parties constructing and maintaining the wind farm?

Working together

Each of these issues needs a legal specialist. But this alone is still not enough. Because, however competent he or she may be, one expert doesn’t need a complete overview of what’s happening in other fields and what impact this has on the entirety.

Dirkzwager’s Energy department has that overview. The department has been in operation for more than ten years and has around twenty lawyers, (junior) civil-law notaries and tax specialists. They are familiar with the energy sector, and all are experts in their fields, including energy law, corporate law, administrative law, environmental law, real estate law, tax law and banking & finance. But perhaps the most important of all is that they work together to bring about sustainable energy projects.

E-book Sustainable Energy Projects

This manual provides an insight into the decisions which a project initiator needs to take and the implications they may have in the short and longer term. 

E-book Sustainable Energy Projects

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