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Practice area Inheritance law

The (junior) civil-law notaries of the Private and Family law department are specialists in the area of inheritance law. We take care of the entire settlement of estates, from the certificate of inheritance, inheritance tax through to the division of the estate.

We are the first port of call for private individuals – as well as entrepreneurs – looking for an experienced expert for the settlement of an estate. We are passionate about the subject, are committed and have the necessary tactical capacity required to conclude difficult cases successfully. We specialise in complex estates in particular, where, for example, the property is located abroad or is a part of a business.

We also have a great deal of experience with complex family relationships. There are times when beneficiaries disagree as to the division of the estate. We usually succeed in settling such estates to the satisfaction of all parties. In the aforementioned situations, we act as an estate civil-law notary.

Suppose you have your doubts as to whether the civil-law notary of the testator is properly representing your interests; we could assume the role of civil-law notary acting on behalf of only one party. In such a situation, we focus purely on your entitlements and interests, and ensure that you receive the inheritance to which you are entitled.

We can be of service to you in the following areas:


  • issuing a certificate of inheritance
  • issuing an inheritance tax return
  • drawing up a deed of division
  • intermediary between beneficiaries
  • acting as executor
  • acting as estate civil-law notary or civil-law notary acting on behalf of only one party