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Bart van Meer Lawyer - Partner Government and real estate

About Bart van Meer


Bart van Meer has been practising as a lawyer since 1984 and specialises in the field of immovable property, particularly (large-scale) project development, soil contamination, spatial planning law and immovable property transactions. His clients include major project developers, municipalities, housing corporations and immovable property dealers.

He is a regular lecturer at BMD Advies en Opleiding and Radboud University. Bart van Meer also regularly delivers seminars in the area of liability and soil contamination.

Too many daughters; inspector of son-in-laws.


2012 Lawyer - Partner, Dirkzwager
Real estate Administrative law, Construction law, Project development Real estate, property development, soil, land use rights and real estate transactions (purchase / sale). Dirkzwager - Velperpoort
Velperweg 1
6824 BZ Arnhem

Worked on


1984 Utrecht University
1993 Grotius Academy Environmental Law
1995 Grotius Academy Immovable Property (distinction)

Secondary activities

Bart van Meer plays an active role in social and cultural institutions. He holds the following positions on various boards: - Chair of Stichting Bridge to Liberation - Vice-Chair of Stichting Introdans- Board member of Stichting KAB Posttheater - Chair of the jury for the Ondernemer van het jaar Arnhem enterpreneur prize - Treasurer of Stichting Samen Leven Doe je Zo - Board member of Stichting MOBA Friends - Member of Stedelijk Netwerk Arnhem - Member of the Recommendations Committee of Stichting Topsport Arnhem Promotie (STAP) - Member of the steering committee of Arnhemse Uitdaging - Member of Eusebius Fellows - Jury member for the graduate prize in the Faculty of Economics and Management HAN - Adviser to the Vereniging Eigenaren Citycenter Arnhem (VECA)


Dutch, English

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