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TELFA country by country guide

Real Estate owners, investors, Asset and Property Managers today have a global and European focus when it comes to real estate investments. At the heart of this investment is the value that (commercial) leases are representing. It is, therefore, key to any real estate investment to know about the real value of lease agreements. Vital for that is the legal valuation. Therefore, this guide tries to give an overview of the legal aspects of commercial leases in Europe.
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Gepubliceerd 29 mei 2018
Laatst gewijzigd 12 juli 2018

This guide is intended to provide the reader with a short practical overview of the different
specialities regarding the lease of commercial property in the legal systems across Europe. Whilst
the terminology is often radically different, the principles are generally very similar, but with
important specific characteristics. The participating TELFA partners have provided a brief
overview on 11 major topics which are relevant in every lease agreement. This country by county
guide makes it possible to determine the most important differences on commercial leases
between the different jurisdictions and the one that are most akin to those in one’s own

Civil law topics covered are:

  1. Legal regulation 
  2. Form 
  3. Object of the lease 
  4. Duration 
  5. Maintenance / Reparations 
  6. Rent 
  7. New ownership 
  8. Lease termination 
  9. Compensation 
  10. Jurisdiction

In addition to aspects of civil law, it will always be necessary to consider issues of tax.
These readily digestible summaries are intended to give the reader a first flavour of another
jurisdiction and should not be treated as a complete exposition of the relevant law.

Specific advice will always be required. This document sets out the law and practice as it stands on
17 May 2018.