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Role of the Notary in Commercial and Corporate Transactions (The Netherlands)

This note explains the role and position of the Dutch civil law notary (notaris) in the Dutch legal system and abroad in the context of corporate and commercial transactions. It considers the role, responsibilities and obligations of the notary, when a notarial deed is required and the form of such notarial deeds. The note also addresses the legalisation requirements to use a Dutch notarial deed outside of the Netherlands.

Revamping Transfer Pricing

On 12 September 2023, the European Commission introduced two directive proposals. One of the proposals, relates to transfer pricing (“TP Directive”) and aims to reshape the landscape of transfer pricing (“TP”) regulations across the single market. If unanimously accepted by all EU Member States, these rules would result in (more or less) harmonized TP rules. Member States would be obligated to apply the at arm’s length principle in line with the OECD TP Guidelines and taxpayers would be required to apply the most appropriate TP method. Furthermore, the TP Directive offers methods to avoid double taxation and a fast-track procedure to resolve double taxation. These rules would apply as from 1 January 2026.

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