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Cross-border employment: The applicable employment law in case of cross-border employment

The moment an employee comes to work in the Netherlands from abroad and vice versa, the question arises which employment law applies in that case. You may have to deal with different rules from different countries. This article explains which employment law must be applied when working across borders (within the EU).

Cross-border employment: Posting workers across borders - the issues to consider

With the current tight labour market, it is increasingly common in practice for Dutch employers to temporarily use foreign workers to cover certain peak periods, who are then posted to the Netherlands. This article describes the employment law legislation and regulations in case of cross-border posting.

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Dirkzwager devotes considerable attention to knowledge sharing in the form of 100 substantive workshops and talks each year and the annual publication of more than 1,000 substantive articles on the innovative knowledge platform,

Thanks to a focus on multidisciplinary teams and the sharing of specialist knowledge, Dirkzwager’s specialists maintain a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of their disciplines. In this way we are able to ensure that our clients are provided with service effectively, promptly and cost-effectively. This also applies where international interests are involved.