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Knowledge sharing

Society is becoming increasingly complex from a legal perspective. Changes in laws and regulations follow each other in swift succession, so that up-to-date and relevant legal and tax knowledge becomes even more important. This is why Dirkzwager shares its knowledge via channels including articles, seminars and the media library.

Dirkzwager has an online platform in which all this knowledge is brought together, so that it can be shared in an active and targeted manner. It gives the client insight and makes cooperation and advice more targeted. Knowledge sharing constitutes the basis for everything we do.

Dirkzwager Academy

Dirkzwager invests in knowledge. From employee to partner: we support everyone’s development throughout his or her career. This is how we guarantee the future of our firm and retain ambitious legal and tax experts. This assures our clients that they get the best educated advisers.


In addition, we actively share our knowledge through events: our specialists provide workshops and courses for relations, in the form of physical meetings and in webinar form. These are more than 100 meetings and webinars per year, regularly in collaboration with external parties and clients, tailor-made if desired. Think of current topics such as privacy and cybercrime, tenders or compliance.

Platform Dirkzwager

All our knowledge comes together on our www.dirkzwager.nl platform. Here you will find our most recent articles, publications, e-books, videos, podcasts, etc. This way we provide our clients with up-to-date knowledge, we know what is going on in the market and we can anticipate legal and tax challenges for our client. View (and filter) our knowledge.

Samenspraak [Dialogue]

Samenspraak, the magazine for our business associates, is published twice a year. In addition to legal matters and current affairs, this magazine also presents the faces behind Dirkzwager. As such, it devotes attention to who we are and also to what we do.