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The Disclaimer is applicable to (the use of) all Dirkzwager legal and tax's external (promotional) texts and statements (‘Dirkzwager’), including texts and statements via: the websites managed by Dirkzwager, hereinafter jointly and individually referred to as the ‘Website’), the electronic newsletters sent out by Dirkzwager (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Newsletter’); the company magazine, Samenspraak (hereinafter referred to as ‘Samenspraak’). Hereinafter jointly referred to as: the ‘Dirkzwager Texts and Statements’.


General information on Dirkzwager and / or pertaining to legal- or other topics, is shared via the Dirkzwager Texts and Statements. If and insofar as the Dirkzwager Texts and Statements pertain to legal topics, the information provided will not serve as legal advice for specific situations. The relevant information has been compiled with due care, however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness. Dirkzwager accepts no liability whatsoever for inaccuracies or incompleteness of the information provided. References via the Dirkzwager Texts and Statements, to sites and other external sources that are not managed by us, have been included purely as additional information for the visitor. Although Dirkzwager is extremely selective with respect to the external sources to which reference is made, we cannot guarantee the content and performance thereof, nor can we guarantee the quality of possible products and / or services offered via such sources. The recipient / user of the relevant Dirkzwager Texts and Statements is not allowed to reproduce, distribute or hand out the texts or statements, or make make the texts or statements available to third parties in exchange for payment, without Dirkzwager’s prior written permission.