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Practice area Compliance & Governance

Our corporate law and employment law specialists work together closely in the Compliance specialist department. This specialist department focuses specifically on compliance with legislation and regulations. Compliance is of particular interest, mainly because the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (Autoriteit Consument en Markt, ACM) also fines natural persons (directors, trustees and managers) in connection with inadequate compliance with the Competitive Trading Act. Failure to comply with the rules may have far-reaching consequences, and this is not just the case with the Competitive Trading Act; it is also the case for all legislation and regulations, from the Personal Data Protection Act and the Foreign Nationals (Employment) Act to environmental legislation, for example.

Examining the organisation

How does one convert the rules into effective procedures and agreements? How does one ensure that the procedures and agreements are complied with and what should one do when it emerges that the rules are being breached, nevertheless? We help your organisation become compliant. We examine your organisation, discuss the importance of compliance with all those involved, and compile a compliance handbook tailored specifically to your organisation.

An adequate compliance programme enables your organisation to uncover any potential breaches much sooner. The advantage of this is that you can then take measures sooner, to limit the damage as much as possible should this occur.

Our knowledge is your knowledge

We frequently organise Compliance workshops, aimed at specific sectors or organisations, so you will understand what you are talking about, even without assistance from a lawyer. We also publish information on this subject in the various professional journals and on our website. You can also order our ‘Compliance in the healthcare sector/Compliance in de zorg’ publication here.