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Sector Education

ArtEZ, Wageningen University, Radboud University, HAN: in an area so very rich with educational institutes, Dirkzwager’s legal experts have been able to develop into specialists par excellence in this sector. For years, we have acted for various clients in primary and secondary education, intermediate vocational education, Higher Professional Education, university studies and special education. Legal experts are active for these clients in several areas of law. True specialists with the required affinity for education and aware of the latest developments in the branch. Dirkzwager has now bundled all of that knowledge and experience, resulting in an integrated approach with a strong synergistic effect. Combined, we can tackle every legal challenge in the field of education and can offer an adequate solution for your specific problem.

The following groups work together closely for an effective, industrial approach.

Labour law

Do you have questions about CAOs in education or about the specific subject of civil service law? These types of topics belong to the daily work of the legal experts of the labour law group. We also advise about the remuneration for directors. And, of course, we are available for matters such as individual dismissal issues, redundancy pay and pension.

Corporate law

The legal experts of the corporate law group can advise and assist you in decisions about good governance, compliance issues and aspects of competition. We advice with respect to your subsidy applications and formulate your purchasing conditions. Dirkzwager is one of the few office in the Netherlands that has a separate Procurement law department.

IT law

The legal experts of the Intellectual Property and IT law group are unique specialists in this increasingly important area of law. We can assist in drafting and testing supply and implementation contracts for hardware and software. Or we can guide you through IT disputes about, for example, a failed IT project. We have also specialized in privacy law, with which education must deal often as well. Do you, as a school, develop your own educational material? If so, ask us about the protection of your intellectual property.

Notarial practice

Partnerships, administrative transfers, management (mergers): such matters require expert notarial guidance due to the specific requirements set by educational legislation. Because of our expertise in the care sector, we have been able to study more closely the structures for special education, which is where the combination of care and education is significant. This specialist knowledge is something we can share with you. We can also be of service in the area of property law. All of your matters concerning tenancy or construction law, or the transfer and financing of real estate, can be arranged in close collaboration with the lawyers of our real estate group.

Sharing knowledge

Because of the intensive collaboration and exchange of knowledge among our various groups, we have very specialist knowledge of the educational branch. This is knowledge that we wish to share with our clients, enabling you to arrange your legal matters properly beforehand and prevent disputes. This is why it is important to engage a legal expert in the early stages. All of our lawyers have considerable litigation experience. Should a dispute arise, we can assist you in all of the areas of law mentioned.

Knowledge pooling

Do you have questions about an area other than that of your current contact person at Dirkzwager? Submit your question and he or she will contact a colleague in that group. If necessary, we will compile a team from various disciplines. In this way we bundle the legal knowledge needed in connection with your assignment. In all cases, your contact person will continue to be your contact.