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Practice area Expropriation and Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act

A team of lawyers with the Public Authorities and Property department specialises in the areas of law of expropriation and obligations to tolerate, and follows each development closely. It is thanks to this high degree of specialisation that we have the necessary professional knowledge available in-house. We can guarantee you legal services of high quality. In order to implement a zoning plan or infrastructural works, it is generally necessary to acquire land and/or impose an obligation to tolerate. The Expropriation Act can then be applied to acquire the ownership of the land if the public authority does not succeed in purchasing it. With area development, land development also plays an important role. It is necessary, among other things, for the contribution value of the land to be included in a development plan. As expropriation lawyers, we support our clients in the different stages of area development.

This involves advice and guidance in the context of:


  • Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act (Wet voorkeursrecht gemeenten, Wvg): location problems, price determination and purchasing guidance
  • Imposing obligations to tolerate
  • Determining contribution value for the development plan
  • How is a zoning plan made ‘expropriation-proof’?
  • Means of expropriation
  • Acquisition process (negotiations)
  • Assessment, editing and/or drawing up expropriation documents
  • Administrative expropriation procedures
  • Court expropriation procedures


Good advice in advance increases the likelihood of successful land acquisition and plan implementation. We offer you expert legal support and guidance.

Our knowledge is your knowledge

If you would also like to know what we know, we provide in-house courses on the most important regulations and developments that apply specifically to your organisation.