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Germany is the Netherlands' most important trading partner and has the largest economy in Europe. This makes it appealing to do business there. The German Desk can point out the opportunities and pitfalls to you and help you to do business successfully in Germany.

Incorporating or acquiring a German company, a labour dispute across the border, drafting a contract or general terms and conditions under German law, or conducting legal proceedings in Germany, doing business in the German market starts with thorough legal preparation. You will have to contend with an array of questions which demand a knowledge of German law and culture. Differences in these areas regularly cause difficulties in practice, especially minor ones which one does not see at first glance. The German Desk can make the transition and help you to overcome such differences.

The team

Our German Desk has an exceptional – for the region – team of Dutch and German lawyers, including notaries, attorneys-at-law, tax consultants, and – this makes it unique – German Rechtsanwältinnen, who have done their entire training in Germany and who understand both cultures because they live in the Netherlands. As such, the German Desk’s specialists not only possess the appropriate legal expertise but also speak German and are familiar with the cultural differences. Where required, we utilise our wide-ranging network of lawyers, tax consultants, and other specialists in Germany.


Should you decide to enter the German market, this will immediately raise a host of questions. For example, should you opt for a permanent establishment or rather for a private company with limited liability? Such decisions have different implications, also in relation to taxation. Our tax consultants comprising part of the German Desk have years of experience in Germany, speak the language, and know their way around. Whether it involves the procurement or development of property, the incorporation of a subsidiary or the acquisition of a German company, they can provide you with tax assistance when making the step into Germany.

Timely advice

Do not underestimate the differences between the two countries and obtain timely advice. Contracts, arrangements, and expectations may simply differ within both countries. We will draw your attention to the pitfalls, risks, and opportunities from the outset. In this way you will be assured of success. We will take care of your legal affairs, so as to enable you to devote all your attention to your business.

We have been advising Dutch entrepreneurs on doing business in Germany for years now. We act on behalf of start-ups, larger SMEs, and national and international companies. We assist both Dutch and German businesses which seek to do business in their neighbouring country.

What can we do for you?

Amongst other things, we can help you with the following:

  • transactions involving property, mergers, and acquisitions;
  • cross-border restructuring;
  • the provision of advice on matters pertaining to agency, labour, tenancy and business law, and the law governing legal entities;
  • assessing and drafting agreements, general and other terms and conditions, and international contracts;
  • assisting with debt collection procedures;
  • conducting legal proceedings before legal tribunals in the Netherlands and Germany.