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Sickness reports are unavoidable if you have employees. In practice, these lead to questions such as: What is expected of me as an employer? What steps should I take? What constitutes appropriate action if I do not trust a sickness report? When should I engage the company doctor? Should I involve the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV)?

And if all of this is not yet complicated enough, there are also numerous questions in the area of sickness absence policy, reintegration and dismissal:

  • Is my sickness absence protocol sufficient?
  • I wish to reorganise. Do sick employees cause complications?
  • How can I prevent UWV from extending the period during which I have to continue to pay an employee’s salary?
  • In what cases do I have the right to dismiss a sick employee?
  • Do I always have to pay a transition payment when dismissing a sick employee?
  • I am a self-insurer as regards the Return to Work (Partially Disabled Persons) Regulations (WGA) / Sickness Benefits Act (ZW). What does this involve?

Our Incapacity for Work Team focuses on these types of questions about sickness and reintegration. We are pleased to assist entrepreneurs when they need assistance or when they are looking for the right strategy for compliance with all obligations that are connected to incapacity for work.

Our many years’ experience mean that we are very well able to make valuable contributions and jointly formulate a suitable approach. Please feel free to contact one of our specialists.