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Practice area Participating interests

Banks are usually reluctant to give business loans during times of economic crisis. Growth might then be achieved by looking for an investor who acquires an interest in your company, like a venture capital company, for instance. In exchange for making extra capital available, such parties will want part of your block of shares. Alternatively, you might want to acquire an interest in another company. In this case, we refer to a what is known as participating interest.

What should you pay attention to in connection with a participating interest? What are the opportunities and what are the pitfalls? One of the specialisations of our Mergers and Acquisitions team is to provide legal guidance for participating interests. Lawyers and (junior) civil-law notaries work together closely in the team and the lines are short. We take care of participating interests for large and medium-sized companies in our own region, but also beyond, on a national and international level.

Thanks to our specific knowledge and extensive experience, we can advise you efficiently, from intent to transaction. We help you to make clear agreements, so you will not encounter unpleasant surprises.

These are just some of the areas in which we can advise and guide you:


  • the drafting and negotiation of the participation agreement
  • issue or transfer of shares by the notary

Advice without limit

If you have a cross-border case, we can also be of service to you abroad. Dirkzwager has a German Desk for the German market and is a member of TELFA, a European alliance of law firms and civil-law notary practices. Thanks to the TELFA relationship with the American network USLAW, we also have direct lines to colleagues in the US.