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Practice area Private law and Family law

The (junior) civil-law notaries of the Private law and Family law department devote a great deal of personal attention to the client. After all, people who seek advice from us do so for very personal matters, from a cohabitation agreement to a last will and testament. For many clients, we have been working for them for years, from generation to generation.

Cohabitation agreement

Do you plan to cohabit? We can draw up an agreement, recording specific arrangements between you and your partner. For example, with regard to household costs, which goods belong to whom, or that the other party will receive all common property if one of the partners should die.

Prenuptial agreement

Do you have marriage plans? A Prenuptial agreement establishes that specific possessions or property, such as an inheritance or gift, remain yours as a private person. Marriage contracts are particularly important if you or you both have your own business. Then creditors of one party are not able to access the property of the other.

Last will and testament

With a will, you are certain that your estate will be divided correctly. You can also establish who is to be given guardianship over your children, or who you name as your executor. Or that an inheritance will go to your children exclusively and not to the children-in-law.


For the settlement of an estate, a certificate of inheritance or a certificate of executorship is required. This certificate is necessary in order in access to the bank accounts of the deceased. We take care of the settlement of the inheritance tax and the division of the inheritance.

Estate planning

Would you like to make arrangements in your lifetime to ensure that your beneficiaries will have to pay as little inheritance tax as possible? You can come to us for special advice: estate planning. A number of our civil-law notaries are certified estate planners.

Pooling of knowledge

Family law overlaps with many other areas of law. Sometimes, the contribution of a business law expert or lawyer is required. We have all of those specialties in-house. If required, we work closely together with these colleagues, so that you are assured of well-considered legal advice. Your contact person remains your fixed, reliable contact in all matters: a (junior) civil-law notary who is fully up-to-date with your specific situation, who can respond to new issues immediately while never losing sight of your interests. Because, in addition to legal knowledge, people are the primary concern.