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Do you have questions about a cohabitation agreement, the division of your residence, tenancy law or a conflict with your employer? As a private client, you can always come to Dirkzwager for such matters.

A large group of our legal experts – lawyers and civil-law notaries – is active in different areas of law for private persons. These are specialists who would love to share their specific knowledge with you and devote their full attention to your particular desires. After all, these are often very personal matters.

Private law and family law (notarial practice)

Our (candidate) civil-law notaries in private law and family law will gladly guide you in your personal requests, such as drafting (or terminating) a cohabitation contract, marriage contract or will. We also finalize the settlement of inheritances and inheritance tax. Is the settlement of an inheritance not proceeding as you would like? Our legal experts can represent your interests specifically in the settlement of an inheritance. They can appear as your third-party advisor. If you would like legal assistance in the division of a joint residence, our legal experts can arrange this for you.Would you like to arrange things so that your heirs will pay as little as possible inheritance tax? Come to us for estate planning.

Private real estate

The purchase or sale of a house is probably not an every day activity for you. It is for us. We can offer you expert assistance in various private real estate matters – from legal advice with regard to the sale of your house to providing a notarial deed for your mortgage.

Tenancy law

Does tenancy law puzzle you? As a specialist in tenancy law, we are familiar with not only the pitfalls but also the possibilities. We can help you with matters concerning rental agreements, protection against eviction, subletting, defects and maintenance. A number of our lawyers are a member of the Dutch Association of Landlord and Tenant Law Practitioners (Vereniging van Huurrechtadvocaten, VHA).

Labour law

Are you having problems with your employer or is your CAO unclear? We provide individual employees with legal assistance in various labour-law matters, including employment agreements, terms and conditions of employment or CAOs. Because we are active for both employers and individual employees, we can approach your question from various angles.

Liability, damage, and insurance

Our Liability, Damage and Insurance Group operates on a national level and belongs to the top three of the Netherlands. Commissioned by liability insurers, we also provide services to private persons or insured persons. This includes business and professional liability, medical liability and damage estimates (with injury and death). We act in constant consultation with the client, provide an estimate of the probability of success beforehand and draw up a cost-benefit analysis.

Bundling of knowledge

When matters transcend our area of expertise, we rely on the expertise of colleagues in a different group. Where possible, we bundle our knowledge in the interest of your case. You will always retain your fixed contact, your own advisor, who is completely up-to-date with regard to your situation and will never lose sight of your interests. Because, even though substantive knowledge is important, people are what really matter.