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Sector Public authorities

Municipalities, water boards, suppliers of gas, water and elektricity; at Dirkzwager, we pay particular attention to the (semi-)public authorities. For decades, we have acted for public authorities and the affiliated agencies. We therefore have extensive experience in this sector, as well as the required affinity with the political-administrative environment

A large group of legal experts is frequently active for clients in the (semi-)public sector, in different areas of law. Each one a specialist in his or her particular field. You can count on us for an all-inclusive package of legal services since we have bundled our knowledge of various areas of law.

Area development

We often guide municipalities in area development projects. This could include pointers pursuant to the Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act (Dutch: Wet voorkeursrecht gemeenten, Wvg) or problems with project developers (like building claims, circumvention of the implementation of plans and operating contributions). We check large-scale land use plans, reciprocate points of view and guide the process closely right up to the Council of State. We also provide advice for project development and PPP constructs, to safeguard the municipal interests, for instance, or to meet procurement obligations. Our advice also extends to contracting, with respect to drawing up the necessary contracts and also ensuring that the contracts are sound.


We are one of the few law firms in the Netherlands with a separate Procurement Law division. Our specialists have extensive process-related and advisory experience and we are familiar with the rights and obligations of both parties, contracting authorities and tenderers.

Mineral extraction

We have long been active in the area of mineral extraction: earth removal for the mining and quarrying of clay, sand, gravel and marl. We can assist you in obtaining permits, in your negotiations with the authorities and residents, and in drafting agreements.

Environmental- and nature conservation

We feel at home with Dutch and European environmental protection- and nature conservation law. We are the right specialists to help manoeuvre the legal aspects of environmental permits, air quality, noise, protected species or soil pollution. Our environmental lawyers are members of the Vereniging van Milieurecht Advocaten (Environmental Law Association) (VMA).

Housing corporations

Complex project developments of owner-occupied dwellings and rental homes, sheltered housing complexes and large-scale restructurings require knowledge of real estate law, but also of the specific laws and regulations that apply to corporations. We are skilled in this area and act as an appointed advisor for various housing corporations in the region.

Other areas of law / general administrative law

In addition, we are specialised in several other areas of law, like freedom of information laws (FOI laws), state aid, public order, subsidies, agricultural law, government aspects of renewable energy, education and education buildings, architectural law and construction law.

Knowledge pooling

Good cooperation between lawyers, notaries and tax consultants is essential in real estate cases. For large assignments, we put together a team of several notaries, lawyers and tax consultants. In so doing, we bundle all the required (legal) knowledge relating to your issue. In all cases, your contact person will still be your fixed, reliable contact.