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Practice area Public service law

The Public Service Law department is a special team of lawyers who focus on the content of employment law in relation to government agencies and public and private educational institutions. The regulations relating to legal status in these institutions vary considerably from those of ordinary employment law. This is why specific legal knowledge is required in order to provide good advice and professional guidance in this area.

Specialist knowledge

Employment law in government institutions differs from that for employees in the private sector. For the latter group, civil procedural law applies, and for civil servants, the General Administrative Law Act applies. There are different legal status regulations in each sector. Often, all of these are so specific that input from a lawyer with specialist legal knowledge and experience can make a world of difference.

We work for various government agencies, such as municipalities, provinces and water boards. In addition, we represent the interests of universities, universities of applied sciences and primary and secondary education. We also act for individual civil servants and employees of the aforementioned types of institutions.

If you have questions relating to one of the following topics, we can certainly be of service to you:

  • Appointment and conditions of employment
  • Dismissal
  • Reorganisations and redundancy packages
  • Retirement
  • Working conditions
  • Job evaluation
  • Social insurance

Collaboration with the Public Authorities department

We work closely with our colleagues of the Public Authorities department. This enables us to pool our specific knowledge of employment law, public service law and public authority matters in the interest of our clients. We keep one another up to date with respect to the latest developments in legal matters. For larger clients, we put together a team of several lawyers, one of whom is your account manager. You always keep your fixed contact – your own lawyer – who is fully up-to-date with your specific situation, who can respond to new issues immediately without ever losing sight of your interests.