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Practice area Tenancy and leasehold law

At Dirkzwager, we have legal experts who specialise in tenancy and leasehold law, in which the settlement of bankruptcies and suspension of payments are of key importance.

Member of the Dutch association of insolvency lawyers

Four of the specialists at Dirkzwager are members of INSOLAD, the Dutch association of insolvency lawyers. Members of this association must meet stringent requirements. The courts often enlist the services of INSOLAD members when complex bankruptcies must be settled.

Advising companies that are experiencing problems

With the expertise in bankruptcies and suspension of payments, our specialists at Dirkzwager are well-equipped to advise companies experiencing financial difficulties regarding the options to prevent bankruptcy. If a business restructuring has become inevitable, close cooperation between lawyers and civil-law notaries is essential for the speed that is often required.

Advising clients and suppliers who are experiencing problems

Every business must at some point or another deal with bankruptcy of its suppliers or clients. It is often possible to limit the losses through effective precautionary measures and appropriate action during bankruptcy situations.