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The European blue card

In this fourth blog, we will discuss the residence permit ‘European blue card’.
Stefan Kleijer
18 February 2022
20 February 2022


The residence permit European blue card is intended for highly educated employees (expats). After eighteen months of working in an EU Member State, the holder of an European blue card is allowed to work in another EU Member State, if the conditions in that Member State are met. The conditions for becoming an European blue card holder are as follows:

(1) Employment agreement

The foreign employee must have an employment agreement for a highly qualified job for at least twelve months.

(2) No sanction

The employer has not been sanctioned for violating Article 2 of the Foreign Nationals Employment Act or for not or insufficiently paying income tax, employee insurance contributions or national insurance contributions in the period of maximum five years preceding the application.

(3) Required documents

If the foreign employee is going to practise a regulated profession, he must have a recognition of professional qualifications. If the foreign employee is not going to practise a regulated profession, he must have the qualifications of higher education required for that profession or sector.

(4) No danger for public order or national security

The foreign employee must not pose a danger to public order or national security.

(5) Education requirement

The foreign employee has completed an education at an institution of higher education in the Netherlands or a similar education at a foreign institution.

(6) Salary requirement

The foreign employee must earn at least € 5,670 gross per month with his new employer.
The advantage of this residence permit compared to the residence permit for work as a highly skilled migrant (see blog 2) is that you do not have to be recognised as an employer. On the other hand, the income requirement is higher and an education requirement applies.

Costs, decision period and validity

The residence permit must be applied for at the IND. The IND has three months to decide on the application. The IND charges € 345 for the application of the residence permit. The period of validity of the residence permit is equal to the duration of the employment agreement or appointment plus an additional period of three months, with a maximum of four years.