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The researcher

In this sixth blog, we will discuss the residence permit for work as a researcher.
Stefan Kleijer
20 February 2022
21 February 2022


The residence permit for work as a researcher is intended to allow researchers to work for a Dutch research institute. This can be as a paid researcher, a PhD student or an unpaid researcher with a scholarship. This residence permit allows the foreign employee to work freely, if the employee continues to meet the applicable conditions. The conditions for obtaining the permit are as follows:

(1) Recognised sponsor (category Research)

The employer of the researcher must be designated as a 'recognised sponsor'. To this end, the employer must complete an recognition procedure with the IND. The IND tests the reliability and integrity of your organisation. Once you have been recognised as a sponsor, you will be included in the public register for recognised sponsors and additional rights and obligations will apply.

(2) Employment agreement

The researcher must have an employment agreement or hosting agreement with the research institution.

(3) Degree

The researcher must have an adequate degree of higher education. The research institution assesses whether the degree is appropriate. If the foreign employee does not have an appropriate degree, the research institution can demonstrate in another way that the foreign employee has the right level.

(4) Research project approval

The research project has to be approved by the research institution.

(5) No danger for public order or national security

The researcher must not pose a danger to public order or national security.

(6) Legal minimum and market conformity

The terms of employment, employment relationships and conditions are at least at the level of the legal minimum and are in line with the market.

Costs, decision period and validity

The residence permit must be applied for at the IND. The IND has three months to decide on the application. The IND charges € 207 for the application of the residence permit. The period of validity of the residence permit is equal to the duration of the employment agreement or appointment, with a maximum of five years.