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Dieuwertje Bouchier Lawyer Intellectual Property and IT law

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About Dieuwertje Bouchier


Dieuwertje Bouchier works as an attorney-at-law in the Intellectual Property (IP), IT Law and Privacy section. In her daily practice, she mainly focusses on IP contracting and advises and negotiates on license -, research - and joint development agreements, including in the context of scientific research in the healthcare sector. She also advises on IP restructurings and various topics regarding copyright, design law, trademark law and trade name law.  

She has incorporated her passion for art and design into her daily practice, by advising various clients, such as museums, architects and medium to large companies with a focus on (the development and production of) art- and design, on general IP-issues.

Furthermore, she has extensive experience in advising and litigating in the field of liability and insurance law.


2018 Lawyer, Dirkzwager


Dutch, English

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Hermès versus Rothschild: a dispute regarding trademarks and NFT’s

Non fungible tokens (NFT’s) are increasingly popular among artists who trade their art digitally. In this context, the use of well-known brands in NFT’s, as part of digital artworks, is also taking off and raised the question on how trademark law might apply to the tokens. In a recent lawsuit at the federal court of New York over the use of Hermès bags in NFT’s, the New York jury ruled on this topic.