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Ernst-Jan van de Pas Managing Director Intellectual Property and IT law

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About Ernst-Jan van de Pas


Ernst-Jan van de Pas considers himself a 'tech lawyer'. He focuses specifically on IT law, privacy and intellectual property. His everyday practice consists of the review and drafting of complex IT agreements, such as contracts pertaining to the purchase, installation and implementation of business-critical hardware and software (including SaaS and cloud contracts), the elaboration and negotiation of collaboration agreements (e.g. technology partnerships and MES agreements) as well as RD agreements, licensing contracts, exploitation agreements and general terms and conditions. His practice also extends to privacy law and includes, among other topics, consultancy on technological developments (such as SaaS, Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things) in the context of IT and privacy law. In addition to this, Ernst-Jan benefits from considerable consulting, mediation and litigation experience in disputes relating to IT, privacy and intellectual property. His client base includes hospitals and other healthcare institutes, municipal and provincial authorities and water boards, as well as large and smaller businesses from start-ups to multinationals.


2020 Managing Director, Dirkzwager
International, Companies, Education, Public authorities, Healthcare Contract law, Cybersecurity, Intellectual Property law, IT law Dirkzwager - Velperpoort
Velperweg 1
6824 BZ Arnhem
2018 ,
2013 Lawyer - Partner, Dirkzwager
2004 Lawyer - Partner, Dirkzwager


2008 2009 Grotius IT Law specialisation course
1998 2003 Dutch Law (Master's degree in Law and Computerisation), University of Tilburg

Secondary activities

Ernst-Jan is a member of the Dutch Association for specialist IT Law Practitioners (Vereniging voor Informaticarecht Advocaten, VIRA), the Dutch Association for Information Technology (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Informatietechnologie en Recht, NVvIR) and the Association for Privacy Law (Vereniging voor Privacyrecht). Ernst-Jan is a member of the Dirkzwager committee for automation and the editorial team for Samenspraak. He is passionate about his pastimes of cycling and mountainbiking.


Dutch, English


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