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Jeroen Lubbers Lawyer Intellectual Property and IT law

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About Jeroen Lubbers


Jeroen is a specialist in Intellectual Property (IP) law and IT law. He advises clients on matters such as copyright, trademark law and trade name law. He also conducts proceedings in IP and IT disputes. He is also a technology enthusiast and follows innovation with interest. Jeroen talks the language of entrepreneurs who develop software and sell digital products and services.

For clients, Jeroen has, among other things:

- reached a settlement with an interest of 1 million euro;

- advised on IT contracts with an interest of more than 1.5 million euro;

- won several copyright disputes concerning texts and visual material;

- won trade name disputes concerning the name of a company;

- accomplished the removal of unlawful reviews and other publications from the internet.


2017 Lawyer, Dirkzwager
Food & Agri, Trade & Transport, International, Companies, Education, Public authorities, Private persons, Real estate, Healthcare Cybersecurity, Intellectual Property law, IT law, Advertising law Dirkzwager - Velperpoort
Velperweg 1
6824 BZ Arnhem


2011 2016 Law ICT, University of Groningen


Dutch, English

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