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Joost Becker Attorney - Partner Intellectual Property and IT law

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About Joost Becker


Joost Becker has been a lawyer since 2005, specialising in intellectual property, advertising law and internet law. His daily practice focuses on trademark and trade name law, domain name disputes and internet law. Joost also specialises in copyright, image rights, design rights and slavish imitation cases. He also deals with matters relating to misleading advertising, comparative advertising, unfair trading practices and press publications. Aside from working with individuals, Joost provides advice and help with procedural and contract work to a wide range of enterprises, from multi-nationals to SMEs. Recent cases: won procedure about Google AdWords (ECLI:NL:RBDHA:2016:8293) successfully prevented multiple instances of domain name grabbing (including case ref. DNL2015-0066) claim for damage compensation and surrender of profits (ECLI:NL:GHSHE:2014:506) halted online advertisements on booking platform (case ref. 2014/00190)


2005 Attorney - Partner, Dirkzwager
Food & Agri, Trade & Transport, International, Companies, Education, Public authorities, Private persons, Real estate Intellectual Property law, IT law, Litigation, Advertising law Dirkzwager - Velperpoort
Velperweg 1
6824 BZ Arnhem


1998 2005 Dutch Law, University of Groningen

Secondary activities

Joost is an examiner at the Benelux Association of Trademark and Design Law (BMM) and is a member of the Dutch Association for IP Litigation Lawyers (VIEPA), the Dutch Intellectual Property Association, the Copyright Law Association and the Advertising Law Association. Joost has also authored a range of legal publications.


Dutch, English

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