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Practice area Intellectual Property law

Our everyday duties in the domain of Intellectual Property law include the following: litigating and advising on IP rights such as marks, trade names, domain names, copyright, design rights and unlawful (slavish) imitations; litigating and advising on advertising law, misleading and comparative advertising and internet marketing campaigns like AdWords campaigns; drawing up and checking various licence and operating agreements and confidentiality agreements; management and monitoring of IP rights portfolios.

Our clients

We work for a range of clients in SMEs and large businesses, in different sectors, IT- and internet companies, universities, research institutions, hospitals and other healthcare institutions and public authorities.

Our knowledge is your knowledge

We publish a great deal on legal topics that are relevant to the practice and our clients. We are pleased to share our specialised knowledge with you, so you can stay informed of important developments relating to Intellectual Property law. We organise workshops, lectures and seminars on specific IP topics throughout the year. Do you have a specific workshop requirement? We will organise a workshop in consultation with you that is tailored exactly to your business or organization.