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Practice area IT law

IT law is an area of law that is constantly evolving. The IT department consists of specialised lawyers who focus on high-quality, fast service. The department is always up-to-date with the latest developments and focuses on achieving a realistic outcome.

Here are just some of the aspects with which we assist our clients in IT law:


  • drafting and testing of various types of IT contracts, such as supply and implementation contracts for hardware and software, service agreements, including outsourcing contracts and ASP, SaaS and Cloud contracts
  • guiding, advising and litigating in IT-related disputes, such as in the case of failed automation projects and software that functions poorly or not at all, as well as faltering service
  • advising with respect to privacy;
  • advising with respect to internet law, such as e-commerce, distance selling, testing of websites, general terms and conditions and advising on the digitisation of your paper archive.

Our clients

We work for a range of clients in SMEs and large businesses, in different sectors, IT- and internet companies, universities, research institutions, hospitals and other healthcare institutions and public authorities.

Our knowledge is your knowledge

We publish a great deal on legal topics that are relevant to the practice and our clients. We are pleased to share our specialised knowledge with you, so you can keep fully up to date important developments relating to IT law. We organise workshops, lectures and seminars on specific IT topics throughout the year. Do you have a specific workshop requirement? We will organise a workshop in consultation with you that is tailored exactly to your business or organization.