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Frédérique Hoppers Lawyer - Partner Employment law

About Frédérique Hoppers


Frédérique has worked as a lawyer in the Labour Law department at our Nijmegen office since 2006. She is a member of the Association for Labour Law and the Association for Pension Lawyers. Frédérique also specialises in pension law. She completed the Pension Law post-master's course at the VU Law Academy, which granted her Certified Pension Lawyer status. She also completed the Fiscal Pension Law post-master's course at the VU Law Academy. 


2017 Lawyer - Partner, Dirkzwager
Companies, Insurers, Healthcare Employment law, Mergers and acquisitions, Pension law Dirkzwager - Stella Maris
Van Schaeck Mathonsingel 4
6512 AN Nijmegen


2014 2014
2011 2012 Post-master's Pension Law programme (with distinction), VU Law Academy
2002 2006 Dutch Law (with distinction), Radboud University Nijmegen


Dutch, English

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Pensions in takeovers: implementation of the pension scheme after the transfer

In the previous blogs in the blog series, we discussed in a nutshell which pension scheme applies, becomes or remains applicable after a transfer of undertaking. But who will implement that scheme? Must the buyer continue to work with the seller's original pension provider or may they switch? These are important questions, because switching to another pension administrator, whether or not forced, can have major consequences for the costs. In this fifth blog we will address this issue.

Pension in takeovers: transfer of premium debts

In the blog series Pension in Takeovers we discuss the various pension related aspects that are involved in a merger or acquisition. The legal regime and the importance of the due diligence process have already been discussed.

Pensions in takeovers: legal regime, illustrated by practice

In blog two of this blog series on pensions in takeovers, we discussed the statutory regime in the event that the takeover qualifies as a transfer of undertaking. Specific statutory provisions have been formulated for pensions in the context of a transfer of undertaking. In this third blog we will elaborate on this in more detail, explaining the various situations that may arise and their consequences.

Pension in takeovers: legal regime

In many cases, a merger or takeover qualifies as a transfer of undertaking. The legal principle is that the pension obligations as they apply prior to the acquisition are also transferred. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. This second blog in the blog series on pensions in takeovers discusses this legal regime.