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Tom van Malssen Lawyer at the Supreme Court - Partner

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About Tom van Malssen


Tom specialises in appeal litigation and cassation across the civil spectrum. He heads the cassation practice at Dirkzwager. Tom is also deputy judge at the District Court of 's-Hertogenbosch. In addition, Tom is involved in management consultancy, participation in healthcare and conflicts between healthcare providers/medical specialist companies and medical specialists.

Before moving into the legal profession, Tom spent several years working as a lecturer and researcher in the(international) academic world. In 2011, Tom obtained his PhD in philosophy and he is the author of various political and philosophical publications.

Tom's move from academia to the legal profession was inspired by Cicero's complaint about Cato the Elder: Dicit tamquam in Platonis politeiai, non tamquam in Romuli faece sententiam. Translated: he speaks as though he lived in Plato's Republic, and not among the dregs of Romulus.


2022 Lawyer at the Supreme Court - Partner, Dirkzwager
Banking & Finance, Food & Agri, Trade & Transport, International, Companies, Education, Public authorities, Private persons, Real estate, Insurers, Healthcare Financial litigation, Civil cassation , Contract law, Directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability , Procedural law, Mass Damage and Insurance, Health law Civil Cassation, Right of Appeal, General Contract Law, Arbitration, Private Law in Healthcare, Participative Bodies in Healthcare, Directors’ Liability Dirkzwager - Velperpoort
Velperweg 1
6824 BZ Arnhem
2021 Lawyer at the Supreme Court - Associate partner, Dirkzwager
2013 Lawyer, Dirkzwager


2017 2017 Course Specialisation & Permanent Education Civil Cassation (Leiden University)
2005 2011 PhD Philosophy (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München), 'Summa cum Laude'
1999 2004 Dutch Law (University of Groningen)

Secondary activities

Memberships: - Dutch Association of Civil Cassation Lawyers (VCCA) - Dutch Association of Procedural Law (NVvP) - Dutch Association of Healthcare Law (VGR)


Dutch, English, German, French


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Articles written by Tom van Malssen

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