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Practice area Administrative law

Administrative law is an important part of public law. Within the government & property section, our lawyers are also specialised in other fields of administrative law in addition to Nature/Environmental Protection, Environmental law and Expropriation & the Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act. Administrative law, which regulates the relationship between citizens/entrepreneurs and the government, is dynamic and complex. Apart from environmental law, it also comprises for example legislation and regulations pertaining to public order, subsidies, openness of administration and sustainable energy. We are specialists with a great deal of advice and litigation experience in all of those areas.

Sharing knowledge

We have been active in administrative law for many years for a wide range of clients: municipalities and provinces, semi-public institutions, educational institutions, housing associations, certifying institutions, property developers, contractors and other companies.

At Dirkzwager, we exchange knowledge and experience with lawyers who are active in other disciplines within our sector teams such as Education, Government, Food & Agri and Property. This is how we keep each other abreast of the latest developments. We use all of this expertise to provide your company or organisation with legal assistance concerning administrative-law issues.

You can turn to us with all of your legal questions concerning:

  • Zoning plans
  • Environmental permits
  • Expropriation
  • Area and property development
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Compensation for loss resulting from administrative acts and loss resulting from government planning decisions
  • Nature conservation
  • Enforcement and supervision
  • Subsidies
  • Education and education accommodation
  • Property development
  • Joint Arrangements/Regions
  • Openness of administration
  • Proceedings before the administrative courts

Advice at an early stage

Our expert and early advice allows you to limit disputes to a minimum and prevent drawn-out proceedings. Together with you, we take a constructive approach to any issue and provide you from the start with advice about the possibilities, risks and any pitfalls.

Bundling knowledge

Solid collaboration between lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax consultants is of major importance for some issues. At Dirkzwager, we have these disciplines in-house. This way, we pool the necessary (legal) knowledge that ties in with your assignment. Whatever the assignment may be, you will always retain your regular, trusted contact.