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Practice area Construction law

Many specialist lawyers and civil-law notaries have specialised in construction law, which comprises both civil and public construction law. Thanks to these specialists, we can guarantee you legal services of high quality.

We have been using our specific expertise to assist a wide range of clients for many years, including multinationals, institutional investors and (semi-)public authorities, but also contractors, architects, builders, project developers, housing associations and institutions operating in the healthcare sector.

We can provide advice and guidance, among other services, in the following areas:

  • Tendering procedures
  • Building contracts
  • Liability (design and execution faults)
  • Architects, builders, fitters
  • Bank guarantees
  • Zoning plans, environmental permits
  • Soil remediation
  • Buildings Decree
  • Integrated contracts (Turnkey, Design and Build, UAV-GC 2005)
  • Failure of board supervision
  • Contract reductions/additional work
  • Disputes upon completion
  • Project development and PPPs
  • Right of retention
  • Sale-and-lease-back
  • Insurance (CAR)
  • Obligation to warn
  • Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act

Advice in good time

Our expert advice will help you to keep the risk of disputes to a minimum. The same applies to drawing up construction contracts. A well-drafted contract can prevent lengthy proceedings at a later stage. We help you by providing input throughout the process and point out potential pitfalls, risks and opportunities from the start.

Our knowledge is your knowledge

Construction law is complex subject matter that is undergoing many changes on account of new legislation, construction technologies or property transactions. We already follow these developments closely in the interest of our clients. We are always fully informed of the latest regulations and most recent case law in this area.

Knowledge pooling

For cases that extend beyond our area of expertise, we can rely on the expertise of lawyers, civil-law notaries and tax consultants from the other departments in our office. In so doing, we pool all the required (legal) knowledge relating to your issue. In all cases, however, your contact person will remain your reliable port of call.