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Practice area Litigation

All parties prefer a legal dispute to be resolved in consultation. Unfortunately, this is sometimes not feasible. In such a case legal proceedings may be required to secure your rights. Our litigation team advocates specialise in litigation in all instances. We look forward to helping you secure your preferred outcome.

Our litigation team advocates have acquired a great deal of experience conducting legal proceedings within their various fields of expertise. As a result, we not only have an understanding of your rights but also know how we can enforce them for you, for this is ultimately what it is all about, certainly in the case of legal proceedings.

Collaborative disciplines

Our advocates know how to find each other. We share our expertise in our clients’ interests. If you have a major, complex case which spans multiple fields of law, we can bring together the appropriate specialists in our team quickly and efficiently. Where a dispute involves tax or notarial matters, we work closely together with our own tax consultants and notaries. 

Civil law and corporate litigation cases

Our advocates can plead your case in virtually all fields of civil law, from disputes involving property transactions to general terms and conditions, from labour conflicts to complex liability matters, financial law matters, and intellectual property. We also have the requisite expertise and experience in the field of corporate litigation, such as shareholder disputes, matters involving directors’ liability, and acquisition issues.

From provisional relief tribunals to the Supreme Court

We can litigate on your behalf in all national instances, from provisional relief tribunals to the Enterprise Section. With the aid of our Supreme Court advocate, Tom van Malssen, we can even bring your dispute before the Supreme Court (for more information please see ‘Supreme Court appeals’). 

In a more general sense, his team, Procedural Law and Appeals to the Supreme Court, possesses highly specialised expertise in civil procedural law. It goes without saying that this expertise is shared with the other members of the litigation team.

The litigation team

In addition to Tom van Malssen, the litigation team consists of Harry Kruitwagen, René Wildenburg, Koen Mous, Chantal van den Borne, Karin Harmsen, and Joost Becker.