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Practice area Project development

Project development is one of the spearheads of our Property department at Dirkzwager. We provide guidance in building projects right from the letter of intent through to the selling off of individual units. The entire process requires specific knowledge of various areas of law: contract law, construction law, environmental law, spatial planning, tenancy law, rights in rem, property and taxation.

For proper legal guidance in project development, it is therefore important that professionals of different disciplines work together closely. For this reason, Dirkzwager works in teams of twenty lawyers and (junior) civil-law notaries for such work – all working in coordination with one another and each contributing their own specific expertise. Together, we can resolve all issues that arise throughout the development of a construction project, regardless of whether it concerns the construction of housing, offices or business parks.

The legal experts in our team are highly specialised and have followed specialisation courses at the Grotius Academy, the Dutch Association of Landlord and Tenant Law Practitioners (Vereniging van Huurrechtadvocaten) and the Property Lawyers Association (Vereniging van Vastgoed Juristen).

We have considerable experience with project development for various clients: for project developers, developing contractors, (semi-)public authorities, utility companies and authorities such as municipalities or provinces, but also for purchasing parties such as housing associations and (end) investors.

These are just some of the areas in which we can provide guidance: