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Practice area Tax advice

Much of the advice we issue to our clients demand both a tax and a legal perspective. The sooner those two aspects meet, the better all pros and cons can be included in the considerations. At Dirkzwager, our tax consultants discuss matters with the lawyers so that an integrated tax and legal advice is formulated from the start. This is a logical choice in many cases, such as mergers and acquisitions, internal reorganisations and restructuring processes, employee participation, property projects, business succession, succession planning or the formulation of terms of employment

Our tax practice consists of a close-knit team of tax consultants with many years’ experience in the areas that are relevant to you. We closely monitor national and international tax developments and apply these to your situation. Laws and regulations are subject to constant change. As part of our advice, we combine tax expertise and our focus on tax optimisation with solid sector knowledge and appreciation of the social context.
We are pleased to assist you in meeting various tax compliance obligations, such as arranging for corporation and income tax returns and preparing the documentation required by tax law (such as a master and a local file, transfer pricing reports).

In order to formulate integral advice, we work closely together with lawyers and civil-law notaries from Corporate law, Government & Property and Employment law. We are able to put together an effective and specialist team for every specific business issue.

We are a sparring partner and a proactive advisor for national and international medium-sized businesses, wealthy private individuals, parties that are active in the property sector, government institutions and public interest entities.

We offer a broad range of services in the area of VAT, transfer tax, income tax and national insurance contributions, corporation tax, inheritance and gift tax as well as income tax.

We give advice and provide assistance in, among other things, the following areas:

  • Mergers and acquisitions (due diligence, structuring takeovers, contractual aspects)
  • Shaping partnerships and joint ventures 
  • Setting up and reorganising group structures, supervising mergers, divisions and tax entity issues
  • International structures (participation exemption, dividend tax and non-resident tax liability)
  • Tax planning in the area of interest relief, loss utilisation and the like
  • Tax innovation facilities such as the innovation box
  • Tax opinions and second opinions 
  • (Preliminary) consultations with the Tax and Customs Administration and horizontal supervision
  • Audits by the Tax and Customs Administration
  • Proceedings before the tax courts
  • Tax compliance activities, such as corporation tax returns, transfer pricing documentation, setting up tax control frameworks and tax accounting, tax liability public-sector companies