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Dirkzwager actively shares knowledge with everyone who requires legal or tax-related information. Why? In order to improve our services and to extend our network. Sharing knowledge is power. It provides a client with understanding and makes collaboration and the provision of advice more targeted. Sharing knowledge constitutes the basis of all that we do.
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Cross-border employment: Posting workers across borders - the issues to consider

With the current tight labour market, it is increasingly common in practice for Dutch employers to temporarily use foreign workers to cover certain peak periods, who are then posted to the Netherlands. This article describes the employment law legislation and regulations in case of cross-border posting.

Cross-border work – Regular or part-time work abroad

Will you be sending your employees to work abroad on a project or for a fixed number of days a week? Alternatively, are you an employee yourself and do you find yourself in such a situation? In either case you may always want to check whether this will give rise to tax and/or social security obligations for the relevant employee in the country in which they will be working. Below you can read about the situations which should set alarm bells ringing.

Employing refugees from Ukraine: Is this allowed?

After months of building up troops, Russian troops entered Ukraine on 24 February. The war between Russia and Ukraine is a nightmare for Ukrainians who are now in great uncertainty about their safety. The European Commission expects between 2.5 and 6.5 million Ukrainians to flee.

Essential start-up personnel

In this eighth (and final) blog, we will discuss the pilot for essential start-up personnel.

The highly skilled migrant

In this second blog, we will discuss the residence permit for work as a highly skilled migrant.

The TWV and the GVVA

In this first blog, we provide an overview of the different permits.