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Sector Healthcare

Healthcare is one of Dirkzwager’s cornerstones. The healthcare group operates nationally and our lawyers have knowledge of the sector, great affinity with and years of experience in all healthcare-related sectors.

Dirkzwager provides advice and litigates in many issues that healthcare institutions and professionals working in all sectors must deal with on a daily basis:

  • quality and safety
  • the conclusion and termination of healthcare agreements
  • mergers and other forms of cooperation between organisations and institutions
  • commercial initiatives
  • the development of independent treatment centres
  • admission- and partnership agreements and disputes arising from those agreements
  • medical liability, disciplinary law and criminal law within the healthcare sector
  • issues relating to privacy and (electronic) health records
  • (public) corporate governance
  • arbitration with the Healthcare Arbitration Tribunal (Scheidsgerecht Gezondheidszorg), amongst others
  • co-determination for clients and employees
  • financial and administrative health law
  • first-line organisation and the development of integrated care
  • the use of compulsion and coercion within and outside of mental health care, and the position, occupied by minors and people who are not capable of performing legal acts, in the healthcare sector

Cooperation with other groups

At Dirkzwager, we bring together the knowledge from the various groups. Sometimes a problem is so complex that specialists from several groups work on the case or advice. For example, our lawyers of the healthcare group work closely with other groups in the area of competition, procurement, in the real estate domain, or when it pertains to intellectual property or an ICT-related problem. Our lawyers of the labour law group are also specialised in the specific problems related to healthcare. In addition, Dirkzwager’s notarial practice is often involved with the (issuing of) advice.

Limitless advice

Dirkzwager is a member of TELFA, a European alliance of (medium-sized and) large, highly qualified offices. This allows us to also be of service to you abroad.