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Practice area Business law and company law

The Business Law department consists of both lawyers and (junior) civil-law notaries who focus specifically on business practices. This interdisciplinary approach within business law is unique and this pooling of knowledge and years of expertise have allowed us to develop into a very specialised and efficient team. Our experience enables us to be of service to many types of companies and legal entities.

We work for medium-sized and large (national and international) businesses but also for one-man businesses or start-ups. In addition, our group has very specific knowledge of the health and welfare industry and education.

We attune our services to the client’s request: for smaller businesses, we are the all-round legal adviser or principal civil-law notary whereas, for larger businesses, we act as a legal sparring partner for the board and the company lawyer. We also maintain contact with the accountant, tax consultant or other advisers. Where necessary, we work together with colleagues of the other areas of law within our firm.

These are just some of the areas in which we can advise and guide you:


  • incorporating legal entities and partnerships
  • amending and drafting articles of association
  • setting up and/or restructuring organisations
  • legal mergers and divisions, acquisitions and sale of (parts of) companies
  • Financing and restructuring
  • insolvency law
  • competition law
  • (international) contracts and general terms and conditions
  • legal procedings and arbitration

Advice in good time

To ensure the smooth operation of your business, it is sensible to obtain legal advice early. For example, how do you proceed with a company acquisition? Which business model is the most suitable for you? What must you consider if you wish to engage a business agent? A well-drafted contract can prevent lengthy proceedings at a later stage. We help you by providing input throughout the process and point out possible pitfalls, risks and possibilities from the outset.

Litigation risk

Should it come to a dispute nonetheless, we will map your legal position as accurately as possible. Is a settlement advisable or would it be better to initiate legal proceedings? In consultation with you, we will consider the legal and commercial advantages and disadvantages. We always endeavour to find a solution that you find acceptable.

Advice without limit

If you have a cross-border case, we can also be of service to you abroad. Dirkzwager has a German Desk for the German market and is a member of TELFA, a European alliance of law firms and civil-law notary practices. Thanks to the TELFA relationship with the American network USLAW, we also have direct lines to colleagues in the US. We work together with offices worldwide, including in the BRICS countries.