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Practice area Contract law

Within the Business Law department, a team of legal experts specialise in contract law. We offer clients legal support with respect to many types of (commercial) contracts and general terms and conditions, ranging from trade contracts, shareholders’ and management agreements to contracts for complex partnerships.

As well as national contracts, we focus on international agreements. These deserve extra attention with respect to applicable laws and regulations and the correct translation of legal terms. In addition to advice, we are also pleased to assist you in proceedings should, for example, the counterparty fails to fulfil the agreement. We act for medium-sized and large (national and international) businesses, but we also help start-ups to launch successfully

These are just some of the areas in which we can advise and guide you: 

  • drawing up commercial trade contracts (purchase, sale, collaboration, agency, distribution, transport and storage)
  • drawing up management or shareholders’ agreements, contracts for joint ventures
  • termination, dissolution or annulment of agreements
  • disputes with respect to the fulfilment of agreements
  • obtaining compensation for losses
  • litigating with respect to fulfilment of agreements or obtaining compensation for losses

Advice in good time

It is advisable to obtain legal advice in good time. A well-drafted contract can prevent lengthy proceedings at a later stage. We help you by providing input throughout the process and point out potential pitfalls, risks and opportunities from the start.

Advice without limit

If you have a cross-border case, we can also be of service to you abroad. Dirkzwager has a German Desk for the German market and is a member of TELFA, a European alliance of law firms and civil-law notary practices. Thanks to the TELFA relationship with the American network USLAW, we also have direct lines to colleagues in the US.