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Setting up a joint venture provides many companies with the ideal form of close cooperation. Two or more parties work together in a new company – in most cases founded for a special project or special activity – in which each party provides a share of the financial assets, work force and/or other assets. The cooperating parties share in the profits and losses. The difference, compared to a merger, is that the parties remain fully independent.

However, working together in a joint venture is not without risk. How does one prevent disputes from arising in a joint venture? What are the starting points for successful collaboration? In our Mergers and Acquisitions team, we have a number of lawyers and (junior) civil-law notaries who specialise in legal guidance for joint ventures. This could relate to the process of setting up a joint venture partnership and the drafting and negotiations of the joint venture agreement.

We take care of joint ventures for large and medium-sized companies in our own region, but also beyond, on a national and international level. Thanks to the interdisciplinary collaboration in the team, the lines are short and we can advise you very efficiently, from start to finish.

Advice without limit

If you have a cross-border case, we can also be of service to you abroad. Dirkzwager has a German Desk for the German market and is a member of TELFA, a European alliance of law firms and civil-law notary practices. Thanks to the TELFA relationship with the American network USLAW, we also have direct lines to colleagues in the US.