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Wim Weterings Attorney - Salary partnerLiability, losses and insurance

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Wim works as a Salary Partner in one of the largest claims departments in the Netherlands. He is concerned with business liabilities, including product liability and product recall, directors' and officers' liability, professional liability, technical losses and employer liability. He also handles cases in the field of insurance law (policy disputes and drawing up insurance terms and conditions). He is also involved with the department of Business Law at Tilburg University as a lecturer. Wim was also a guest professor at the department of Civil Law at the University of Antwerp between 2012 and 2013, and between 2010 and 2011. Wim is a member of the general board of management of the Dutch Association for Insurance Research (Vereniging voor Verzekeringswetenschap). He is also editor of the Aansprakelijkheid, Schade & Verzekering (AV&S) sector journal, editor and secretary of the journal Verzekering-Archief, tijdschrift voor Verzekeringswetenschap (VA) and a staff member of the sector journal Rechtspraak Aansprakelijkheids- en Verzekeringsrecht (RAV). He is also a member of various associations, including the Association of Liability and Compensation Law (Vereniging voor Aansprakelijkheids- en Schadevergoedingsrecht), the Belgian-Dutch Society for Insurance Law (Genootschap voor Verzekeringsrecht) and the Dutch Lawyers Association.


2007Attorney - Salary partner, Dirkzwager
Insurers Liability, losses and insurance Dirkzwager - Velperpoort
Velperweg 1
6824 BZ Arnhem
0Attorney - Salary partner, Dirkzwager


1996 Dutch Law, Tilburg University
2004 PhD Tilburg University


Dutch, English

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