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Practice area Notarial real estate

At Dirkzwager, a number of (junior) civil-law notaries have become property experts. Thanks to years of experience with property transactions throughout the entire country, we can claim to be true specialists in the Notarial property area of law. We act for many major clients, including multinationals, institutional investors and public authorities. We also act as impartial adviser to purchaser and seller but, if so desired, can act as adviser to one of the two parties. Our specific knowledge enables us to be of service to many clients in this complex legal subject matter.

These are just some of the areas in which we can be of service to you:


  • purchase, sale and transfer of commercial property
  • complex lease of land arrangements
  • divisions into apartment rights
  • site management
  • turnkey and building contracts
  • lease structures
  • investments via limited partnership structures
  • taxation of property
  • registration of networks
  • auctions

Complete process

As specialists in notarial property and commercial property, we can provide guidance with the purchase or sale of your immovable property from start to finish: from letter of intent to delivery of building(s). This enables us to provide you with creative input on all points throughout the process and, if necessary, act immediately. Efficiently and accurately. With optimum results for all parties upon completion.


We work with colleagues from Public Authorities and Property and other disciplines on a regular basis. For major assignments, we compile a team of specialised civil-law notaries, lawyers and/or tax consultants. In this way, we pool all necessary (legal) knowledge that relates to your assignment. Naturally, your contact person remains your fixed, reliable contact in all matters.

Our knowledge is your knowledge

We keep our professional knowledge up to date. A number of team members have followed specialisation training with the Royal Dutch Association of Civil-Law Notaries (KNB) and Grotius. In turn, we make this knowledge available to third parties, not only through our legal services but also by means of publications in the journal Vastgoedrecht (Real Estate Law) and our Dirkzwager knowledge page.