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Practice area Pension law

The Pension Law specialist department consists of a team of pension attorneys from the Employment Law department. Pension is the topic of a great deal of discussion. The regulations regarding pension are complicated and changing continually. In the coming years, pension as part of the conditions of employment will become increasingly important. Amendments to pension arrangements between employer and employee will be unavoidable in many situations. We will follow the developments closely and use our expertise to assist employers and pension providers with their policies and decisions about pensions.

We litigate and advise in the following areas, amongst others:


  • Amending pension arrangements between employer and employee(s)
  • Assisting pension providers, usually company pension funds
  • Drawing up and assessing pension documents (such as pension regulations, introductory letters, implementation agreements)
  • Exemption from mandatory participation in sectoral pension fund
  • Transfer of undertaking
  • Privatisation
  • Consequences of new tax laws (such as Early Retirement (Pre-pension and Life Course Savings) Act and RVU (regulations to prevent employers offering early retirement), including the application of transitory law
  • Problems related to job-related early retirement
  • Prohibition of discrimination
  • Early and deferred pension
  • Carrying on working after retirement date

Increasing interest

In the past, the topic of pensions would come up in cases of redundancy or dismissal; today, pensions is a topic in its own right within Employment Law. A pension is an important and valuable employment condition. The pension contribution that employers pay is, on average, 20% of wage costs. The resulting pension arrangements are often unclear, however. Furthermore, there are other factors that play a role, such as fluctuations in the value of the investments, ageing of the participants and rising average life expectancy. Employers and pension providers will have to be more active and more transparent in providing information about retirement, and the contribution of specialised knowledge about retirement is essential in this. The Pension Law specialist department not only offers the knowledge but the necessary experience as well. We are pleased to assist in considering the topic of pensions within your organisation.

Pooling of knowledge

In the interests of the client, we pool the knowledge of several department within our office, including colleagues from Employment Law, Business Law and Health Law, as well as from the notarial practice. You always keep your fixed contact – your own attorney – who is fully up-to-date on your specific situation and who can respond to new issues immediately while never losing sight of your interests.