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Sector Real estate

At Dirkzwager, we pay particular attention to the real estate sector. A large group of legal experts are frequently active for real estate clients, in particular, large regional and national clients, like multinationals, institutional investors and (semi-)public authorities, but also brokers, contractors, project developers, housing corporations and healthcare institutions. We can call ourselves the strongest office in the region, thanks to decades of experience with real estate transactions. You can count on us for an all-inclusive package of legal services, since we have bundled our knowledge of various areas of law.

We can advise and guide you in the following areas, amongst others:


  • Procurement law
  • Apartment rights and divisions
  • Architectural and engineering law
  • Land use plans, environmental permits and turnkey agreements
  • Soil pollution
  • Construction law and the contracting of work
  • Ground lease and superficies
  • Land allocation conditions
  • Tenancy law and lease of land
  • Purchase and sale (also as an unbiased advisor)
  • Complex selling off of individual units of existing and new housing
  • Transfer- and sales tax
  • Park management
  • Project development and PPP constructs
  • Sale & Lease Back
  • Registration of networks
  • Auctions
  • Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act (Dutch: Wet voorkeursrecht gemeenten, Wvg)
  • Housing corporations

Knowledge pooling

Good cooperation between lawyers, notaries and tax consultants is essential in real estate cases. For large assignments, we put together a team of several notaries, lawyers and tax consultants. In so doing, we bundle all the required (legal) knowledge relating to your issue. In all cases, your contact person will still be your fixed, reliable contact.

Limitless advice

A cross-border case? We can also be of service to you abroad. Our German Desk will gladly assist you for the German market. Dirkzwager is also a member of TELFA, a European alliance of (medium) large, highly qualified offices. Thanks to our contact with the American network USLAW, we also have direct lines to colleagues in the US.