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Appointment of Ronald van Wetering Completes the Dirkzwager Management Board

Ronald van Wetering will be starting as Dirkzwager’s managing director on 1 March 2023. This marks the completion of the management board of the largest legal practice outside the Randstad conurbation, which also comprises the partners, Selma van Ramele and Ernst-Jan van de Pas.
09 February 2023
09 February 2023

Ronald van Wetering will become a member of the Dirkzwager management board on 1 March. At present the management board consists of the managing partners, Selma van Ramele and Ernst-Jan van de Pas. With Ronald’s arrival, Dirkzwager will be strengthening its management board by adding experience from outside the legal sector. Selma van Ramele has this to say about it:

The financial services and legal sectors exhibit numerous similarities. Ronald’s expertise and experience will help us continue to consolidate our foundations and ensure the future-proof expansion of our organisation.

The customer is king

Since the 1990s Ronald van Wetering has held various positions within the financial services sector and elsewhere, serving as a managing, supervisory and ordinary director. His most recent position was that of Director of the Central Netherlands Corporate Clients unit at Rabobank. The key role of customers and business associates, the provision of guidance to people and organisations in transition and social involvement represent the leitmotif of his career. Ronald brings with him a treasure trove of experience in financial services.

As Ronald puts it:
The transformation which is occurring within the legal services sector is also happening in the financial domain. I see a great many parallels.

Future-proof organisation

Having lawyers, notaries and tax consultants within a single organisation, Dirkzwager occupies a unique position in the legal services market. Its multidisciplinary nature makes it possible for it to provide a comprehensive range of services spanning virtually all fields of law while attaining a level of excellence. Although Dirkzwager is active in the region of Arnhem and Nijmegen, it covers the entire country and is part of a powerful international network.

The organisation focuses on the future and initiated an ambitious programme of transformation during the COVID pandemic, one in which customer-focused, multidisciplinary and data-driven operations are key.

Ronald has this to say about it: ‘I am impressed by the willingness and enthusiasm within Dirkzwager to get on with it and to make changes, and I am ready to streamline and accelerate this splendid process.’