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Territoriality of Trade Mark Infringement: The State of Affairs

Key question answered: is it possible to restrict infringements prohibitions or injunctions in the EU?
Verschenen in: European Intellectual Property Review (EIPR) Volume 41 Issue 5 2019
Auteur publicatieJoost Becker
Gepubliceerd24 mei 2019
Laatst gewijzigd27 juni 2019

This article addresses the territoriality of trade marks in infringement procedures. One of the questions that is answered is whether an infringement prohibition or injunction is valid for the entire territory of the European Union, or if is it possible to restrict it in terms of the territory. This article aims to provide an answer to these questions, in particular based on the case law developed by the Court of Justice (DHL v Chronopost, Combit v Commit, Kerrygold v Kerrymaid, PAGO and Iron & Smith v Unilever). The article also deals with some corresponding Benelux issues.

About European Intellectual Property Review (EIPR):

Launched in 1978 the European Intellectual Property Review (EIPR) is the leading international journal in the field of intellectual property. It provides comprehensive coverage and analysis of the latest case law and legislative developments in the UK and internationally.

About the author:

Joost Becker, Attorney & Partner; Intellectual Property and IT law

Joost has been a lawyer since 2005, specialising in intellectual property, advertising law and internet law. His daily practice focuses on trademark and trade name law, domain name disputes and internet law. Joost also specialises in copyright, image rights, design rights and slavish imitation cases. He also deals with matters relating to misleading advertising, comparative advertising, unfair trading practices and press publications. Aside from working with individuals, Joost provides advice and help with procedural and contract work to a wide range of enterprises, from multi-nationals to SMEs.

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