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E-book Sustainable Energy Projects

How to arrange legal, tax and other matters for a sustainable energy project
Auteur eBook Maarten Kole
Gepubliceerd 11 november 2020
Laatst gewijzigd 13 november 2020

Everyone is now convinced of the benefits of and need for an energy transition. Fossil resources are being depleted and climate change has numerous adverse effects. Many major and minor steps are required to reduce CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases while simultaneously satisfying the growing demand for energy.

One of the solutions lies in the sustainable generation of electricity. It is sustainable, because wind and sun are available in abundance.The Dutch government encourages the production of sustainable energy with the aid of subsidies. These subsidies serve as a financial incentive to invest in sustainable energy.

It would therefore be a good idea for a collective or business to set up a sustainable energy project. However, its execution would involve numerous legal, tax and other regulations. Moreover, every decision may have major implications at a later stage and could have an impact on any subsidies or funding, for example. From the outset it is therefore important to consider the legal and tax impact of the steps that are required to launch a project.

Dirkzwager has established an Energy Team. This manual provides an insight into the decisions which a project initiator needs to take and the implications they may have in the short and longer term. We have experience and expertise, which we are happy to share with you, so as to ensure that your sustainable energy project is a major success.

Dirkzwager Energy Team

This is an updated, English language version of the manual which was previously published in Dutch (Handleiding Energieprojecten).